Test Your CPU with Extremely Stressful Program

A program that simplifies the usage of Intel(R) Linpack. Linpack by Intel(R) is an extremely stressful program that will put even the most powerful X86/X64 CPU in the world at its knees. Load temp under Linpack will be up to 22*C higher than the competing software Prime95. This program will make usage of Linpack easier and more practical.

Benefits of using Linpack:
1. More accurate than Prime95 Small FFTs/Blend (under x64 OS).
2. Takes less time to tell if your CPU/RAM is unstable than Prime95 (usually something like 8 minutes Linpack vs 40 hours under Prime95).
3. Use the same stress-testing engine that Intel uses to test their products before they are packed and put on shelves for sale.
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HDD Low Level Format Tool 4.12 Full

This software is used to format storage media like hard drive / flash or other storage media in depth (Low level Format) in other words, the data that has been deleted due to the use of this software will not be able to be restored again, in contrast to the usual format. Suitable for fixing badsector in software on the storage media.
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Free Download Logitech Gaming Software 8.57.145

logitech gaming software
ilustrated from google
Lets you customize functions on Logitech gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets.

Software Version: 8.57.145
Post Date: Oct 28, 2014
OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
File Size: 65.7 MB

Logitech Gaming Software lets you customize Logitech G gaming mice, keyboards and headsets. Logitech Gaming Software includes third party software components, libraries, and frameworks, including, but not limited to, the third party software listed below.
These included third party software components provide key functionality to Logitech Gaming Software and are included in the software installation package.
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Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise 9

ColdFusion 9 accelerates the development cycle by reducing complex and powerful business logic into a few lines of code. ColdFusion 9 applications easily access data from existing enterprise infrastructure including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office files and Java J2EE portlet standards.

New ColdFusion 9 features include an AdobeA« AIRA« application for managing multiple ColdFusion servers from one location, saving performance time and reducing edundant tasks. ColdFusion 9 also offers local and remote database synchronization with Adobe AIR, giving users access to applications regardless of Internet connectivity.

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Adobe Illustrator CS5 ME 2011

Adobe Illustrator CS5 presence had been eagerly awaited. With the version of a more powerful and mature, software design that one is expected to complement deficiencies CS4. Yes, indeed CS5 able to present with features of a more qualified, although not drastically different.

A feature available in Adobe Illustrator is a tool Perspective is here. Arguably this is not something new because it is an adaptation of Adobe Freehand MX. Both tools are Perspective and Perspective Grid Selection. Both are very easy to use.
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